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Project Manager - Student Persistence

Kammie Watters

Kammie’s Journey to SFI

Accountable to the Chief Operating Officer for the full lifecycle management for the organization’s research, development, and implementation of projects aimed at reducing the wealth gap through the lens of education for member institutions.

In collaborating with partners and participating institutions, Kammie works to identify and remove barriers to empower students to obtain financial education goals and maximize their personal and professional development. The portfolio of projects includes Handling Everyday Life Problems for Students (HELPS), Student Investment Program (SIP), financial literacy projects, and other initiatives that support student persistence and enable attainment of organizational outcomes.

Kammie has 17+ years’ experience in higher education management, policy analysis, program evaluation, and Title IV and Title VII financial aid programs.  Prior to joining Student Freedom Initiative, Kammie served as the Assistant Director of University Student Financial Assistance at University of Maryland, Baltimore’s School of Medicine.  In this hybrid role which served both University Student Financial Assistance and the Office of Student Affairs, Kammie administered and managed millions of dollars in federal, state, and institutional financial aid dollars, reported detailed data on loan debt totals, and reconciled accounts.  She developed and presented educational financial aid material which provided students with an understanding of how to manage finances, establish financial goals, and develop a plan to make informed and effective decisions when borrowing to meet educational expenses. Recent accomplishments include modifying the Student Emergency Fund procedure and serving as a committee member for MD/PhD students affected by COVID-19, maintaining and growing a new departmental role, and developing comprehensive plans for a four-year expanded financial literacy program. She has worked for both private and public universities in her over decade and a half career.  Previous responsibilities include assisting in the implementation of policies and procedures in the administration, oversight and distribution of funds, establishing an internal Business Process Guide for the scholarship program, and creating templated customer service resources for counselors.  Kammie received her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with a concentration in Procurement from Bowie State University in Bowie, Maryland.