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Transforming MSIS

Student Freedom Initiative seeks to increase the resilience and competitiveness of member MSIs by working collaboratively with mission aligned, corporate partners to address MSI-specific needs with industry provided solutions. SFI stands on the front line of removing barriers disproportionately faced by students attending our HBCUs, MSIs and TCUs enabling a life-changing education.


The Cybersecurity Initiative aligns with SFI’s broader mission to support underrepresented and underserved communities, particularly in the realm of technology. SFI’s approach is comprehensive, focusing on equipping partnered institutions not only with enhanced cybersecurity measures but also with the tools and knowledge necessary for strategic technology enablement. The program’s impact extends beyond immediate cybersecurity concerns, contributing to the realization of broader strategic goals reliant on robust technological infrastructure.
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SFI’s Solar Initiative is a strategic partnership with Clearloop Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Silicon Ranch Corporation, designed to enable opportunities for student internships, faculty and workforce development, and economic development through HBCUs and surrounding communities using solar energy projects.
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Through our Broadband Initiative, SFI is committed to improving access to the digital economy for Historically Black Colleges and University (HBCU) anchored communities, 82% of which are in broadband deserts as defined by a recent McKinsey Report, and subsequently reducing the wealth gap. SFI targets the four primary drivers to the digital divide: (1) Infrastructure, (2) Device Access, (3) Affordability, and (4) Digital Literacy.
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Living Space

The MSI-Community Living Space Initiative (LiSI) recognizing the historic underfunding of member institutions, age of existing living spaces, and increased demand for 21st century living accommodations for faculty, staff, residents, students, and potential others. Student Freedom initiatives seeks to increase the competitiveness of these institutions by collaborating with corporate partners interested not only in addressing this problem but also providing investment opportunities for institutions, faculty, staff, and other affiliated organizations.
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