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Fall 2022 Financial Seminars

As part of Prudential Financial’s multi-pronged partnership with Student Freedom Initiative (SFI), we will host a series of Fall 2022 (September-December) financial wellness educational seminars called Prudential Pathways℠, exclusively for "Students (freshmen through seniors)" and  "Families, faculty and staff " at SFI’s participating Minority Serving Institutions. The seminars will be offered virtually.

This opportunity is for Student Freedom Initiative’s participating institutions. The financial wellness seminars will be hosted by Prudential Financial Professionals and offer easy steps on how to start saving, budgeting and investing money! The financial wellness session for families, faculty, and staff are open to the community.

Topics Covered During The Student Seminar Include

  • How to build a realistic budget
  • How to pay off your student debt
  • How to start investing your money
  • How credit works, including how to build credit

Topics Covered During The Families, Faculty, And Staff Seminars Include

  • Setting financial priorities and managing debt
  • Strategies for college funding
  • Protecting yourself and your assets
  • Investment approaches in the stock market
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"Students" Seminar Series

September 2022
Budgeting and Building an Emergency Savings Fund

October 2022
Don’t Try to Predict the Stock Market

November 2022
Student Loans – How to Pay Off Your Debt

December 2022
Student Loans – How to Pay off Your Debt

“Families, Faculty, and Staff” Seminar Series

September 2022
Steps to Buying and Selling a Home

It’s Your Estate, Are You in Control?

October 2022
Protecting Yourself from Identity Theft

Retirement Planning Toolkit

November 2022
Financial Strategies for Veteran Military Families

Understanding Your HSA Account

December 2022
Financial Challenges that Matter Most

Taking Control of Your Taxes