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Why was the Student Freedom Initiative created? How is it unique?

The Student Freedom Initiative was created to address the disproportionate student loan debt burden faced by all too many students of color. Structured as a “pay it forward” program, donations and payments made by participating students will enable the Initiative to operate as a self-sustaining program that will benefit future generations of students and their families. Our program is designed so that every $10 million invested in the program will cover 100 new students at MSIs every year, forever.

In addition, our program is holistic and is designed to be student-centric both in its terms and how it is administered. Our support services aim to help better prepare and position students for a limitless future, and our income-contingent funding arrangement liberates students to make career and life choices without being weighed down by burdensome fixed student loan payments, while also protecting them from the unfortunate turns that life sometimes takes. Our program also enables students to give back to their communities and support the schools they graduate from in ways that otherwise may not be possible.