Who are the participating schools in the income-contingent alternative component of the program?

Student Freedom Initiative selects additional MSI in the 4Q of each calendar year for the following academic year.

The selection process starts in 1Q Calendar Year (CY) 20xx with a request for data   Student Freedom Initiative analyzes and cleanses the data received in the 2Q CY 20xx.  Student Freedom Initiative makes a preliminary determination and notifies the institution of a tentative selection no later than end of 2Q CY 20xx.  No Later Than (NLT) the end of 3Q calendar year 20xx, the institution acknowledges acceptance and completes a common Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), which defines relative roles and responsibilities, provisions for protecting personally identifiable information, and other areas of mutual concern.  With final signature of the MOU, Student Freedom Initiative announces the next institution (frequently referred to as a cohort) who would be included for academic year 20x1 for the following components of Student Freedom Initiative: (1) Income Contingent Alternative, (2) Internships, and (3) Tutoring, Mentorships, and Other Services).  Each institution can determine within which of the three components they would like to participant.

Please refer to the schools page for the current list of participating institutions.