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Pia Holland

MSI Engagement Partner
Student Freedom Initiative (“SFI”)

Accountable to the Chief Operating Officer for the engagement and associated communications with Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs) on behalf of Student Freedom Initiative. As an Engagement Partner serves as the primary liaison with the assigned MSI to facilitate the planning, coordination, and implementation of the four components of the SFI Program.

  • Develops and coordinates content to be used by assigned MSIs to describe the SFI Program on their websites and other social media channels.
  • Designs and coordinates the process and tools to collect and analyze institutional data.
  • Updates the MSI Cohort selection criteria, based on lessons learned from prior Cohorts to be applied to future Cohorts.
  • Defines attributes and definitions to support data visual representation of institution and servicer provided information within the SFI Knowledgebase and Dashboard.
  • Provides institution and student specific feedback to inform the final Student Freedom Agreement (SFA) process, design, FAQs, and implementation.

Pia has worked in nonprofit spaces for more than 16 years. Most recently, she worked at United Negro College Fund (UNCF) where she managed several accounts totaling millions of dollars in scholarships. Pia is experienced in account management, fundraising, agreement compliance, relationship building, student engagement, and outreach to name a few.  Pia was asked to coordinate outreach for UNCF’s Program Service department, and increased efforts each year, allowing UNCF to reach more students.  She became a go-to person for outreach and was selected to be on the committee to discuss establishing an outreach department which was implemented. She also participated in several developmental committees including more recently UNCF’s first Young Adult Gala committee, where she was responsible for securing contracts and fundraising for in-kind gifts for the event.

Pia is an HBCU graduate of Bennett College (Greensboro, NC) where she received her BA in Business Administration, and Marymount University (Arlington, VA) where she received her MS in Management.  She also possesses Graduate certificates in Grant Writing (University of Richmond) and Non-Profit Management (Marymount University).