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Chimere J. Jones, EdD

HBCU Engagement Partner
Student Freedom Initiative (“SFI”)

Accountable to the Chief Operating Officer for the successful onboarding of HBCUs and serves as a liaison assisting HBCUs with the comprehensive SFI program implementation. Co-led the HBCU Engagement team responsible for developing communications and training material to better inform academic affairs, financial aid, enrollment, marketing, and student support services staff on the SFI Program. Developed and coordinated content to be used by 5 assigned Cohort 1 HBCUs to describe the SFI Program on their websites and other social media channels. Designed and coordinated the process and tools to collect and analyze institutional data.  Updated the HBCU Cohort selection criteria, based on lessons learned from Cohort 1, to be applied to future HBCU Cohorts.  Defined attributes and definitions to support data visual representation of institution and servicer provided information within the SFI Knowledgebase and Dashboard.  Provided institution and student specific feedback to inform the final Student Freedom Agreement (SFA) process, design, FAQs, and implementation.

Has a background in higher education strategic planning, academic quality assurance, curriculum development, and college and career readiness. Most recently lead institutional and programmatic academic affairs and compliance initiatives for international and domestic universities including Laureate International Universities and University of Maryland Global Campus. Managed academic affairs and accreditation activities, including annual and quarterly academic proposal development and submission, academic research, regulatory site visit preparation, and guidance on licensure and certification matters for the Online Education Vertical and other assigned Laureate institutions. Collaborated with various Laureate offices in coordinating USDOE, accreditation and state agency related academic projects.

Collaborated with academic affairs units, associate deans, program chairs and other leadership personnel to support ongoing compliance with MSCHE, programmatic accreditation, federal, and state (MHEC) standards relevant to the University of Maryland Global Campus. Also, while at University of Maryland Global Campus provided consultation on the continuous quality improvement processes for targeted evaluations (e.g., course, program level, instructional design) and other quality evaluations using the online learning principles of Quality Matters, Inc. and Online Learning Consortium.    Graduate of Benedictine University (EdD in Higher Education and Organizational Change), Trinity Washington University (MSA in Organizational Management), George Mason University (Project Management Certificate), and Trinity College (BA in International Studies).