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Will Student Freedom Initiative financing funding work for you?

Open our calculator tool to see how much you need to pay!


Our calculator mini-site gives guidance on financing and repayment options. See how the Student Freedom Initiative financing compares to other student financing programs.


Welcome! To begin the Student Freedom Agreement application, please start by telling us about your current educational plans.

What school are you enrolled in?


What program are you enrolled in?

[Program / Major]

What is your class level?

Note: You must have completed enough credit hours by the start of the semester for which you are requesting funding to be classified as a Junior or Senior to qualify for a Student Freedom Agreement. Please check your status with your registrar if you are unsure.

[Class Level]

What is your enrollment status?

You must be enrolled full-time for the coming academic term (unless your school certifies that you are in your final year of study and you require less than full-time enrollment to complete your bachelor’s degree in your final year of study).

[Enrollment Status]

When do you expect to graduate?

[Year / Month]

International Status

Are you an international student or foreign exchange student authorized to enter the United States on a non-immigrant Visa?

(select an option)

[yes / no]

School Term

[Term / Start Date / End Date]

Don’t see your school, major or class level?

Sorry, the Student Freedom Initiative is not available to you at this time. Please check back for eligibility updates. Thanks!

Funding Required

We’ll work with your school to determine your qualified funding level (up to a maximum of $20,000). Once this is determined, you’ll be given the opportunity to select a lower amount if desired.

Please review the Application and Solicitation Disclosure before applying for funding under the Student Freedom Agreement.

Application and Solicitation Disclosure

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